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Archer & Olive June Subscription Box SPOILERS

It’s about that time. The next Archer & Olive June subscription box is coming soon and I have 7 of the 9 items for you. No sneak peeks, just straight here they are in all their glory.

If you want to watch the video reveals, check them all out in this playlist.

Alright, here is your last warning before I show you it all!

OKAY, welcome to Camp A&O where the team encourages you to be creative,fearless, and embrace your mistakes.

As a part of the sneak peek release team, we did things different this time around and showed off full items. No little peeks, no thumbtacks and red string to connect it all. So let’s get into it.

Item #1 – Travelers Notebook

This is a new cover for sure and I really hope we see more of it in the future. This linen cover, with color threads, is perfect for your traveling needs. With a silver stamped motor home, it’s a great combination of fun and functional. I really like this notebook a lot, and I really hope to see more fun cover designs like this in the future from Archer & Olive.

Item #2 – Glass Water Bottle

I was surprised to see this item in the box, but it was a happy surprise for sure. While this isn’t exactly a stationery item, does fit within the Camp A&O theme on this subscription box. It’s a 16oz glass bottle with a branded A&O on the wood cap. My favorite part of this water bottle is that it isn’t covered with floral designs. I did see a few photos on the A&O Instagram showing that you can add your own stickers to the white area at the bottle which is a cool idea. Speaking of stickers, we have 2 sets.

Item #3 – Merit Badge Stickers

I think that Archer & Olive does such a good job with keep on their themes. June is all about camp and you cant have camp without badges to reward you for your good deeds. “Tried hard at something new”, “Created before scrolling social media” and “Set up the month before the month started” are just some of the reward badges. You can keep these for yourself or hand them out to planner friends.

Item #4 – Black brush pen and fineliner

I don’t think that we have seen a black calliograph brush pen yet, but now we have one, and along in the package is a NEW fineliner. It’s a .4mm tip fineliner and i like it a lot. This is new from Archer & Olive and a first of it’s kind from the brand. This is an item that once we start to see it in a box, we will hopefully see it in the public soon after. I can totally see a future with color themes in acrylograph, calliograph, and fineliner.

Item #5 – Adventure Stickers

These are some really fun stickers that you can use in your bullet journal or planner. All of the icons from this themed box are here. The motor home, camp icons, stars, and even nice mountainscapes. I think this set is really nice and it has a bunch of different sizes and types of stickers. My favorite size is the long divider stickers.

Item #6 – A5 Notebook

Give me this notebook 100 times over. I LOVE IT so much. The navy blue is a great combo with the golf foil printed “You got this” flag. I love how this is something different and again, less florals, which makes this such a more usable notebook. And it’s instantly usable with white dot grid pages.

Item #7 – Colored Fineliners

Just like the black fineliner from before, i am really excited for the colored friends in the box. 5 extra colors join the black finerliner to help you create new and exciting art and writing in your notebook. Gray, Green, Yellow, Red, and Purple are all yours if you are getting this box.

My excitement level for this box is at a 8.5 – 9. Thre are 9 total items in this box, so 2 of them have not been released and will only be shown when we do the full unboxing or the box is at your doorstep. One of the items I would call an add-on that really help take this theme to a fun place. I don’t know that I would say they are the highlight of the box, but they are fun. The other item… or pair of items… is nice too. They are similar to some items that we have seen in some other boxes before, but refined and not as novelty.

To me, this box is well worth it’s price with 2 notebooks, 2 sticker sets, calliograph and colored fineliners, but the water bottle and secret items. I am not a huge fan of the boxes that are overtly floral or filled with items that I won’t ever really use. This box keeps those items to a minimum while keeping on theme and spreading some fun planner love.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about the items you have seen so far. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Looking forward to sharing my blind unboxing when the full release happens. I filmed my gut reactions when I first got the box and opening it for the first time. I think my excitement will be contagious because I’m just that pumped up about it.

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