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Quick Time Blocking Weekly Spread In My Bullet Journal

One of my favorite things to do in my bullet journal is to create functional and helpful weekly spreads. After feeling like my days at work were being taken over by meetings, I decided to take ahold of my calendar and start to breakdown where I am spending most of my time.

In this video, I create a weekly spread, Monday through Friday, with room for notes. For me, I start work most days around 8 – 8:30, so I broke down my day starting at 8 am and until 6 pm. I left the room under each day for daily tasks and to-dos that I want to complete or focus on. Vertically, I left two squares between my hours. Some of my meetings are short 30 minutes, and some will go for an hour or longer. So breaking them down this way helps me keep track of the time.

Each day I went through and started my day by marking in my meetings. There are going to be days where things get moved around. So if a meeting was moved or canceled, I treated it like my rapid log and just crossed it out. Otherwise, I went through my day as normal, paying attention to what meetings I was in and what I did with my time out of meetings.

Overall, this weekly spread was very helpful. I got a sense of what my day was going to look like before I got into it. I could also work to preplan for open times for myself to focus on my work or to tackle some of my daily tasks. I will certainly be using this layout again for myself. I’d be interested to see if you try it, how it worked for you. Let me know here in the comments or on Instagram or Youtube.

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