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My Week with a Dated Planner

Here we are, at the end of another week of working remote. To recap, this week I put my regular bullet journal on temporary hold to give full attention to this new Appointed 6-Month Academic Task Planner.

Disclaimer for this whole post. This is my first dated planner I’ve ever used. Let’s also note that I’ve been bullet journaling for 3 years – so it’s kind of all I really know. With that said, I was really excited to try something different. The team at Appointed was kind enough to send me one of these planners from their new collection.

Kicking off the week, everything was looking good. I did my normal start the week prep. This includes reviewing last weeks to-dos, notes, as well as reviewing my calendar for the week. Once I was set up, it was business as usual. This just means meetings, lots of notes, and adding more tasks to the list. The weekly layout of the planner was really nice. Left was daily, right way weekly tasks and notes. I really appreciated the spaces for tasks, and I thought having the 4 main priorities for the week was a really nice touch to a weekly planner.

I’ve been making my weekly spreads week-by-week, changing up the designs for the past 3 years. So it was really nice to have future dates ready to go. I didn’t need to fret about not having a place for it or forgetting about it in my future log. When it came to notes, that’s where things got a little more difficult.

I am a heavy collections user in my notebooks. Any reoccurring meeting or project get’s its own collection page(s). Since I was only breaking from my bujo for a week, I wasn’t going to move anything around. To really put this journal to the test, I thought i was important to push it to it’s limits. For a person who takes a medium amount of meeting notes, I think that this weekly layout would work very well for them. For me, I just have too many meetings and notes to contain to one page.

I will say, there is a monthly notes section and I very well could have used that space. For me, I like it all on the same page/week (personal presence). Or in a collection, which is how I run my bujo now. But all is not lost for this planner!

So what’s next?
Say hello to my @appointedco Social Media 6-month Task Planner 🎉

I enjoyed this planner a lot, and for the type of work I’m doing weekly with my Instagram, blog, and YouTube channels – this will be perfect for me. I’m all about simplicity – but mixing my social calendar and work calendar isn’t something I can do. I’m ok with some personal stuff in my work bullet journal but this but social media planning is a whole different beast – therefore it needs a different solution.

Hope you all had a good week. I’m looking forward to being back in my bujo for 1 last week before I switch to my brand new one. And I’m going to be so much more organized with my social stuff with my new dated planner!

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