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Archer & Olive Spring 2022 Stationery Release

As a lover of Archer & Olive, and all things stationery, I always get so excited for new releases. Each year the Spring Releases have introduced some pretty fun items. This year is no different! In fact, this year… there’s A LOT to choose from.

As we get started, I wanted to share that I am an affiliate with Archer & Olive. You can use code MENWHOBULLET10 at checkout to save 10% off your total purchases. The links used below are affiliate links, which support this blog at no additional cost to you.


This year, Archer and Olive went with collection themes for their notebooks and stationery. Mother Moon, Mermaid Magic, Late Spring Firefly, my personal favorite Mother Earth, The Bee Keeper, and Spring Butterflies. Each collection has a notebook, washi, stickers, and a pen pouch to match. Let’s start with our favorite subject…


There is no lack of notebooks this spring from A&O. This spring we got all types of new theme collections – 6 to be exact. Some faux leather options, pocket sized, and a new LS (Letter Size). There are also some new lined notebooks too.

I didn’t buy any notebooks this time around (I know, I know), because we all know I have enough notebooks. BUT, I was this close to buying the Mother Earth notebook. I love the mushroom design and it’s a very fun color and fun.

It was also cool to see the letter sized notebooks come into the regular collection. We first saw these in the March 2021 Subscription Box. Looks like people liked them and gave good feedback. Same with the fairy notebook from the previous subscription box too.

B6 Dot Grid Notebook: Mother Moon

I was sad to see that there weren’t any square journals. I know they weren’t all that popular… but still. #SquareBujoForLife.


The life blood of the stationery world. It’s really what holds it all together (see what I did there?). Each Spring collection theme got its own washi 4-pack. Some of it sold out so quick! It was crazy. But you can check out what’s left here.

Late Spring Firefly Washi Tape Set. SOLD OUT :*-(

Acrylographs + Calliograph Pens

Wow, these are great colors… so my kids tell me. I’ve been such a fan of the acrylograhs for years. The new Calliograph brush pens have really taken on a fan base. We got 2 color collections for spring. Flourish and Blossom. Definitely a nice mix. I do enjoy the greens and blues in these collections.

You can check out there Full colors and pen collections here

Acrylograph Pens: Flourish Collection
Acrylograph Pens: Blossom Collection
Calliograph Pens – Flourish Collection


This is where I spent a lot of my money. If there were stamps, you know that I’d be all over them too. These stickers were really cool and I picked up a few packs for myself and my girls. Three main types of stickers this time around. Planner Stickers, Decorative stickers, and sticker rolls. And like the journals and washi, each collection theme had their own designs. I went with the decorative stickers – Mother Earth and Mermaids for the girls.

You can check the full sticker collection out here.

Pencil Pouches

Hey, these look new! It’s been a minute since pencil pouches were around. I even spotted a design from the very first Subscription box. I love when things from subscription boxes make it into the fold.

Mermaid Magic Pencil Pouch

Each collection theme has its own pencil pouch. The lighting bug pouch is already gone. That went fast! But, there are still plenty to pick up.

I feel like I’m missing something, but honestly I think I got it all. Overall I really loved these collections. Definitely something for everyone. I personally love all the Mother Earth collection. Great colors and designs. I’m going to need the rubber stamp set asap Archer & Olive. How cool would that be?

The Late Spring Firefly was another of my favorite design collections. I think it was a lot of peoples favorite, because so many of them went so quick. The hardest part with sales like these is that they tend to be limited. Fingers crossed that we get a re-stock!

Don’t forget, you can use my affiliate discount code MENWHOBULLET10 at checkout to save an extra 10% off. That is good for this collection or any products you buy from Archer & Olive. It’s a great way to support this blog without any additional cost you.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the new Archer & Olive Spring stationery. Do you have a favorite collection or item?

-Mark Fig

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The Leuchtturm1917 120g Notebook Review and Pen Test

The much-awaited review video is here for the NEW Leuchtturm1917 120g Notebook. This new notebook from one of the most known brands in the journal space has a new notebook with thicker paper.

And I will tell you that this thicker 120g paper does make a difference.

Check out this new video, just launched on Youtube, with a full breakdown and review of the new Leuchtturm1917 Notebook along with a look at the new Drehgriffel pen.

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NEW Metallic Acrylograph Pens from Archer & Olive

I love when new products come out! Being on the Archer & Olive design team is nice and I love that I get to try these products out in advance. It gives time to develop my real thoughts and feedback on a product.

If you want to get right to the fun, get your new Metallic Acrylographs below. You can use my affiliate code to save 10% OFF your purchases: MENWHOBULLET10

Now, to the review

Photo from

I’ve been able to watch the Acrylograph line evolve over time. From the very first make and models all the way to the launch of their new versions and specialties. Early on, there was some feedback from the new offering from A&O. While artists were excited for them, there was a learning curve. Shake, shake, shake… and then shake some more. Even from my own experience, I had a hard time getting solid flow and full coverage every time. Sometimes my nib would get lost in the pen or not go in enough to get the pain to come down the barrel. It’s rare, and if you ever come across this issue, even now – hit up their customer delight team. As the line as grown, they keep getting better and better.

In this new collection of 10 metallic colors, 2 of these colors before. we get a full line up of shine on our paper with these pens. We had the Silver (Chrome) in the first Subscription box. It was well received and lovers of Archer & Olive wanted more! Next, we saw the Gold metallic come out in the special Valentines Day box. Again, the fans went wild!

On top of the silver and gold, this set also includes Graphite, Lapis, Emerald, Amethyst, Rose Gold, Citrine, Ruby, and Mauve. After using these pens for a swatch page and also for this weeks Bullet Journal spread, I feel like something has changed… in a good way. The pens felt easier to mix. You still need to shake them well, but this felt easier. From a flow perspective, they are SMOOTH. I am a big fan of the 3mm size – both for coverage and that glide. The .7mm pens work wonderfully as well. This is such a great collection.

My overall review of these is that they are very cool and very special. Definitely a good buy if you are looking for something different to add to your collection of pens, markers, and paint pens – and if you don’t already have metallic pens in your collection. They offer a lot of versatility, with the ability to use them on almost any surface from paper to even glass.

If you’d like to pick up the .7mm or 3mm pen sets of 10, you can click or tap the button below to check them out. As a reminder, I am on the Design Team and an affiliate. You can use my code MENWHOBULLET10 to get 10% off your purchases. As an affiliate, I do get a small percentage of the sale, with no extra cost to you.