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Archer & Olive Winter Rewind | Nostalgic 90s Notebooks and Neon Stationery Collection

Archer and Olive took a different approach to this year’s Winter Collection. What is usually filled with glitter and festive designs was replaced with a Winter Rewind, filled with 90s, 80 s, and groovy-designed notebooks, washi tapes, stickers, and more.

The only classic Holiday item is the Advent Calendar box. Let’s talk details, my personal favorites, and feelings on this collection.

Winter Rewind Launch
Nov 3rd. 9am CT — 10% OFF at checkout

🔵 Discount Codes & Links:

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Fountain Pens and Ink, OH MY

I have had a slow-growing introduction to fountain pens during my Bullet Journal journey. What had started as an easy-in with my first Lamy AL-star ,which I got for Christmas a number of years ago, has turned into an appreciation and slight collectible hobby. This pen was great because it didn’t intimidate me at all. I used the cartridges to get into the pen and just started using it.

This was an easy pen to get introduced to fountain pens. Easy to use, a lot of fun colors, and writes really nicely.

Once I started using the pen and researching more about fountain pens I learned about ink converters. These allow for you to use a pen like this one, but with filling it with fountain pen ink. This opened me up to a world of new potentials… and a new hobby – Collecting Ink.

I wouldn’t say I went too hard when I started looking at inks, but I definitely did not expect the variety and different types of inks that would be available to me. As with most things, I start really getting into something, research, buy, and then come onto a brick wall of an issue. See, not all journal paper loves fountain pen ink. You get feathering and sometimes bleed through depending on the paper and ink combo. When I started using Archer and Olive notebooks I thought it would handle all the inks well because of the 160gsm paper – but it was iffy. No bleed through or ghosting, but a lot of feathering.

So I have laid off fountain pens in my Archer and Olives for a while. UNTIL NOW!!

I just received a bunch of great gifted products from a few pen and ink companies. I just did a big unboxing of all the goodies. I am going to be doing individual videos and reviews for each but I am really excited about a few of them.

The Endura Deco Crest is my all time favorite item from the unboxing. I actually didn’t know that it was going to be in there. I was so blown away. It’s a stunning pen that just needs to be seen.

I have been using the Monteverde USA Engage pen all week. I absolutely love it! It will probably be the first review I do, I like it that much.

Along with the pens, the inks were pretty cool too. I’ll be going through them all too, trying them with the pens, but so far, the Private Reserve Inks, and specifically the Quick Dry ink.

Remember when I told you that fountain pen ink didn’t work well in the Archer and Olive notebooks??? Well, I was wrong because this works PERFECTLY!

Be sure to check out the full unboxing for all of the pens and inks I got. It’s a lot of fun. Talk soon!


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Archer & Olive Releases. WOW! Amanda Rach Lee Collab

This week has been a busy one for stationery fans and lovers of Archer & Olive.

Amanda Rach Lee X Archer & Olive Collab

I didn’t see this one coming! If you are going to know one name in the Bullet Journal community, next to mine, it’s Amanda Rach Lee. She’s legit, the queen of the Bullet Journal and Planner community, amassing an impressive 2.1 MILLION subscribers on Youtube. She and Archer & Olive just released a new collaboration – Amanda Rach Lee x Archer&Olive Acrylograph Colors.

This Limited Edition set includes a reusable tin, branded Amanda Rach Lee and Archer & Olive. It has 10 hand selected colors, chosen by Amanda with her handwriting on the 10 colors.

  • Crispy White
  • Faded Pear
  • Stormy Seafoam
  • Rustic Brown
  • Vintage Denim
  • Rice Paper
  • Lilac Fields
  • Pink Quartz
  • Pastel Sun
  • Mellow Tangerine

Subscription Box – March 2022

Subscription Box – March 2022

The March 2022 Subscription Box is out, and you can get your hands on one today!

My unboxing goes through everything in the box and it’s pretty awesome! I love the Calligraph colors, the notebook, and everything in between.

There was so much in this box to love

  • A5 Monstara Plant Foli Stamp Dot Grid Notebook, with perforated
  • Green Dot Grid Notepad
  • Enamel Book Marker
  • Wild Calligraph Pens
  • Die Cut Stickers
  • 4 pack washi tape
  • 3 Coloring Sheets

Are you picking any of these up? Sound off in the comments below.

-Mark Fig

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Archer & Olive Spring 2022 Stationery Release

As a lover of Archer & Olive, and all things stationery, I always get so excited for new releases. Each year the Spring Releases have introduced some pretty fun items. This year is no different! In fact, this year… there’s A LOT to choose from.

As we get started, I wanted to share that I am an affiliate with Archer & Olive. You can use code MENWHOBULLET10 at checkout to save 10% off your total purchases. The links used below are affiliate links, which support this blog at no additional cost to you.


This year, Archer and Olive went with collection themes for their notebooks and stationery. Mother Moon, Mermaid Magic, Late Spring Firefly, my personal favorite Mother Earth, The Bee Keeper, and Spring Butterflies. Each collection has a notebook, washi, stickers, and a pen pouch to match. Let’s start with our favorite subject…


There is no lack of notebooks this spring from A&O. This spring we got all types of new theme collections – 6 to be exact. Some faux leather options, pocket sized, and a new LS (Letter Size). There are also some new lined notebooks too.

I didn’t buy any notebooks this time around (I know, I know), because we all know I have enough notebooks. BUT, I was this close to buying the Mother Earth notebook. I love the mushroom design and it’s a very fun color and fun.

It was also cool to see the letter sized notebooks come into the regular collection. We first saw these in the March 2021 Subscription Box. Looks like people liked them and gave good feedback. Same with the fairy notebook from the previous subscription box too.

B6 Dot Grid Notebook: Mother Moon

I was sad to see that there weren’t any square journals. I know they weren’t all that popular… but still. #SquareBujoForLife.


The life blood of the stationery world. It’s really what holds it all together (see what I did there?). Each Spring collection theme got its own washi 4-pack. Some of it sold out so quick! It was crazy. But you can check out what’s left here.

Late Spring Firefly Washi Tape Set. SOLD OUT :*-(

Acrylographs + Calliograph Pens

Wow, these are great colors… so my kids tell me. I’ve been such a fan of the acrylograhs for years. The new Calliograph brush pens have really taken on a fan base. We got 2 color collections for spring. Flourish and Blossom. Definitely a nice mix. I do enjoy the greens and blues in these collections.

You can check out there Full colors and pen collections here

Acrylograph Pens: Flourish Collection
Acrylograph Pens: Blossom Collection
Calliograph Pens – Flourish Collection


This is where I spent a lot of my money. If there were stamps, you know that I’d be all over them too. These stickers were really cool and I picked up a few packs for myself and my girls. Three main types of stickers this time around. Planner Stickers, Decorative stickers, and sticker rolls. And like the journals and washi, each collection theme had their own designs. I went with the decorative stickers – Mother Earth and Mermaids for the girls.

You can check the full sticker collection out here.

Pencil Pouches

Hey, these look new! It’s been a minute since pencil pouches were around. I even spotted a design from the very first Subscription box. I love when things from subscription boxes make it into the fold.

Mermaid Magic Pencil Pouch

Each collection theme has its own pencil pouch. The lighting bug pouch is already gone. That went fast! But, there are still plenty to pick up.

I feel like I’m missing something, but honestly I think I got it all. Overall I really loved these collections. Definitely something for everyone. I personally love all the Mother Earth collection. Great colors and designs. I’m going to need the rubber stamp set asap Archer & Olive. How cool would that be?

The Late Spring Firefly was another of my favorite design collections. I think it was a lot of peoples favorite, because so many of them went so quick. The hardest part with sales like these is that they tend to be limited. Fingers crossed that we get a re-stock!

Don’t forget, you can use my affiliate discount code MENWHOBULLET10 at checkout to save an extra 10% off. That is good for this collection or any products you buy from Archer & Olive. It’s a great way to support this blog without any additional cost you.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the new Archer & Olive Spring stationery. Do you have a favorite collection or item?

-Mark Fig

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How To Bullet Journal for Beginners (or old pros)

With only 2 weeks left in 2021, I wanted to help in preparing you for 2022. If you have thought about starting a bullet journal, but felt like it wasn’t the right time, a new year is a great time to kick into a new habit. I know how hard it can be to get started, so I wanted to bring all the information and detail to you.

Here is what you need to get started!

A journal and a pen

This may seem overly simple and that’s because it is. Truth be told, all you need to keep a successful bujo (short for bullet journal) is a notebook and a pen. No need to fret about which one. Here are some of my favorite journals for you to check out. 

  1. The Official Bullet Journal Edition 2
    There is nothing better than the official thing. Bullet Journal has partnered with Leuchtturm to create a brand new Official Bullet Journal notebook. This notebook has everything you need to get up and running, including a pocket guide to educate you on the method and how to set yourself up. Use Code MARK10 to save 10% OFF.
  2. Archer & Olive
    A&O notebooks have been a fan favorite for years because of the quality 160gsm paper (thick paper) and fun and diverse cover designs. Their customer-centric approach to stationery and mental health makes them a great choice for your stationery and notebook needs. Use Code MENWHOBULLET10 to save 10% OFF
  3.  Baronfig
    Baronfig makes tools for thinking, and that includes both blank and guided notebooks (along with fire desk organization too). Their Confidant hardcover notebooks include smart pages, which help you quickly split your pages into halves and quarters, along with fun colors for all types of planners. Use code MENWHOBULLET to save 10% OFF.
  4. Rocketbook
    This notebook option allows for you to benefit from an analog system while also getting the easy digital pros as well. The Rocketbook is a reusable notebook that you write in, add to the digital app, and wipe clean. 

]When it comes to writing, there are so many options. Everyone has a favorite pen, and that’s all you need to keep on top of your Bullet Journal game. Here are a few of my favorite ones:

  1. uniball Signo DX 0.38
    This has been by go-to pen for a long time. Of all the pens I have tried over time, it’s been my most reliable. I also love it because you can buy a box of them for a super low price. 
  2. Baronfig Squire
    If you want to feel that pen in your hand, I always suggest one of my favorite Baronfig pens, the Liberty Squire. This brass pen is stunning and has a nice weight to it. Made from industrial grade brass, this limited edition rollerball pen is worth its weight in… brass. Use code MENWHOBULLET to save 10% OFF.
  3. Leuchtturm1917 Drehgriffel
    This pen from Leuchtturm is so fun to use. It has a fun design, great colors, and smooth writing. For the month of January, you can get 10% off your purchases at Use code MARK10.

Once you have your notebook and pen, you are ready to go! But you need to figure out how to get started. I’ve put together a nice and easy, step-by-step guide for setting up your straightforward bullet Journal. What’s cool about this one, is that I set it up using a lined notebook. You really can use any notebook.

I have a bunch of new videos ready for 2022. I can’t wait to share more of my exploration in my new B5 Archer and Olive Bullet Journal – as well as fun and productive ways you can use your journal for work or your everyday. Looking forward to a fun and productive new year.

Wishing you the best,

Mark Fig

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My Daughter’s First Bullet Journal Flip Through

I’m so excited that my daughters are starting to become just as interested in notebooks, journaling, and stationery as I am. I guess it runs in the blood!? I just posed a new Youtube video yesterday which is a full flip through of my daughters 2021 journal

I set up the journal for her earlier this year and gave it to her as a birthday present. She got a really nice A5 Archer & Olive journal, glitter cover, and uniball EMOTT pens. A nice stationery haul if I say so myself.

There was zero expectation for her to use this journal as a bullet journal. While I think that a bullet journal would be great for her, she’s not ready, and honestly not overly interested in starting one for her day to day. But this notebook was perfect for her. Up until I gave her this notebook, she was using a small pocket notebook to jot down her daily steps. Her daily ritual was right before bed to check her fitbit and tally up her steps.

Overtime, I started to notice that she was also jotting little notes and doodle in there too. She was coming up close on finishing out the little notebook and her birthday was coming up too, so it was a perfect time to start getting it all together.

Here’s my whole set up of her journal

What’s great about setting this up, for me, is that I get to also use all the stationery that I otherwise would never really use for myself. I love, and feel so fortunate, that I have been a part of the Archer & Olive design team, and have received a lot of different items over the year. Stickers, washi, and so much more that now, I get to use in my daughters notebooks.

These notebooks have been so fun to create for them and the video are becoming so fun to record and review with them. I am so pumped for the future of these journals with them, and also the creation of more journals and fun with my girls.

Chat soon,

Mark Fig

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Taking a break from the Archer & Olive Design Team

What a difficult headline to write. I still can’t believe that I made the choice to not reapply for the team. It’s been an amazing time working with Bonnie and the entire amazing and talented team at Archer & Olive. I love everything that the company stands for. Mental wellness, spreading creativity, having fun! I mean, their notebooks are so amazing and special. But after being on the team for a full year, I decided that I need to take a break.

Being on the design team has been one of the coolest experiences of my stationery “influencer” life. I got the chance to provide input on products, sneak peek things to you, and to just appreciate the love of cool notebooks and stationery with like minded friends. The community is fantastic. All my spoiler friends, creative crew, stationery lovers – we are all here for the fun and excitement and fandom of something cool like A&O. But along with the fun, it’s also work too, and on top of a full-time job, family, and trying to keep my own ship afloat, taking on any extra work can get a little overwhelming sometimes.

Let me just say, Archer and Olive is the most caring and supportive group of people I have ever had the chance of working with yet. That’s not saying other people and brands are not, but from my time with the team, it’s given me the opportunity to really get to know Bonnie and her team. The team has always been flexible with time and the needs of the design team. But the reality of this design team, or any design team, is that you have responsibilities and expectations of you. This design team is a paid partnership. You are compensated for the content you create. Videos, Blogs, Printable content, it’s a part of the expectation – and I am firm believer that if you are given an opportunity like this, you hold your own and do what is right.

I will still be an Archer & Olive affiliate. I will always cheer them on and share my love for their products. At any point, if you want to trying something out, please feel free to use my discount code to save some extra money. MENWHOBULLET10

I hope to be a part of the design team in the future, if they will have me. I really do think that they are doing everything right in the community. I stand by that 100%. And I am thrilled for the new team to come in and I will be their biggest cheerleader!

If you are interested in learning more about my decision, I have a video I just posted to Youtube today.

I can’t wait to share with you what is next for me and new opportunities that might be coming my way.


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Archer & Olive x Plant Based Bride Notebook and Acrylograph Collab

Whoa! What an exciting day. Today was the release day for the latest collaboration between Archer & Olive and Elizabeth Turnbull, better known on Youtube and Instagram as The Plant Based Bride. I’ve come to know Elizabeth for her signature style and colors. Fall colors, greens, oranges, and golds. So when I heard that she and Archer & Olive were working on a collaboration, I could not wait to see what they came up with.

What we got was a wonderful collection of green, brown, and orange notebooks in A5 and B5 (PBB’s favorite size) in linen and faux leather, 3 cover designs, along with a new 5-pen set of Acrylograph pens (4 new colors + gold).

Along with individual notebooks, you can buy a bundle of a notebook plus the 5-set of Acrylograph pens. This is the first time that I have seen a collaboration bundle like this before. I am excited to see the 5 packs being offered more. Honestly, I love the packaging for them, and having a few colors is special. Not that a 10 pack of metallic pens isn’t.

Overall, I think this is a wonderful collection. Nicely curated and the colors are perfectn. I can’t see these colors and notebooks without thinking about Elizabeth. Talk about branding!

If you’d like to get a notebook or bundle, you can check out the link below. Use code MENWHOBULLET10 to get 10% OFF your purchases.

This is an affiliate link, and I do receive a small percentage of a sale without any added cost for you. Thank you for your support if you do choose to use my code.