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Archer & Olive June Subscription Box SPOILERS

It’s about that time. The next Archer & Olive June subscription box is coming soon and I have 7 of the 9 items for you. No sneak peeks, just straight here they are in all their glory.

If you want to watch the video reveals, check them all out in this playlist.

Alright, here is your last warning before I show you it all!

OKAY, welcome to Camp A&O where the team encourages you to be creative,fearless, and embrace your mistakes.

As a part of the sneak peek release team, we did things different this time around and showed off full items. No little peeks, no thumbtacks and red string to connect it all. So let’s get into it.

Item #1 – Travelers Notebook

This is a new cover for sure and I really hope we see more of it in the future. This linen cover, with color threads, is perfect for your traveling needs. With a silver stamped motor home, it’s a great combination of fun and functional. I really like this notebook a lot, and I really hope to see more fun cover designs like this in the future from Archer & Olive.

Item #2 – Glass Water Bottle

I was surprised to see this item in the box, but it was a happy surprise for sure. While this isn’t exactly a stationery item, does fit within the Camp A&O theme on this subscription box. It’s a 16oz glass bottle with a branded A&O on the wood cap. My favorite part of this water bottle is that it isn’t covered with floral designs. I did see a few photos on the A&O Instagram showing that you can add your own stickers to the white area at the bottle which is a cool idea. Speaking of stickers, we have 2 sets.

Item #3 – Merit Badge Stickers

I think that Archer & Olive does such a good job with keep on their themes. June is all about camp and you cant have camp without badges to reward you for your good deeds. “Tried hard at something new”, “Created before scrolling social media” and “Set up the month before the month started” are just some of the reward badges. You can keep these for yourself or hand them out to planner friends.

Item #4 – Black brush pen and fineliner

I don’t think that we have seen a black calliograph brush pen yet, but now we have one, and along in the package is a NEW fineliner. It’s a .4mm tip fineliner and i like it a lot. This is new from Archer & Olive and a first of it’s kind from the brand. This is an item that once we start to see it in a box, we will hopefully see it in the public soon after. I can totally see a future with color themes in acrylograph, calliograph, and fineliner.

Item #5 – Adventure Stickers

These are some really fun stickers that you can use in your bullet journal or planner. All of the icons from this themed box are here. The motor home, camp icons, stars, and even nice mountainscapes. I think this set is really nice and it has a bunch of different sizes and types of stickers. My favorite size is the long divider stickers.

Item #6 – A5 Notebook

Give me this notebook 100 times over. I LOVE IT so much. The navy blue is a great combo with the golf foil printed “You got this” flag. I love how this is something different and again, less florals, which makes this such a more usable notebook. And it’s instantly usable with white dot grid pages.

Item #7 – Colored Fineliners

Just like the black fineliner from before, i am really excited for the colored friends in the box. 5 extra colors join the black finerliner to help you create new and exciting art and writing in your notebook. Gray, Green, Yellow, Red, and Purple are all yours if you are getting this box.

My excitement level for this box is at a 8.5 – 9. Thre are 9 total items in this box, so 2 of them have not been released and will only be shown when we do the full unboxing or the box is at your doorstep. One of the items I would call an add-on that really help take this theme to a fun place. I don’t know that I would say they are the highlight of the box, but they are fun. The other item… or pair of items… is nice too. They are similar to some items that we have seen in some other boxes before, but refined and not as novelty.

To me, this box is well worth it’s price with 2 notebooks, 2 sticker sets, calliograph and colored fineliners, but the water bottle and secret items. I am not a huge fan of the boxes that are overtly floral or filled with items that I won’t ever really use. This box keeps those items to a minimum while keeping on theme and spreading some fun planner love.

Let me know in the comments below what you think about the items you have seen so far. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Looking forward to sharing my blind unboxing when the full release happens. I filmed my gut reactions when I first got the box and opening it for the first time. I think my excitement will be contagious because I’m just that pumped up about it.

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Archer & Olive Retro Road Trip

It’s been a minute since we have had a great big Archer & Olive release. Summer never disappoints with A&O and this Summer Retro Road Trip collection is really awesome in my opinion.

A big announcement from A&O is that they are lowing some of their prices on favorite items to help lessen the blow with the increased shipping costs that we have been seeing across many businesses. The team is controlling where they can. You will also be able to still use my discount code MENWHOBULLET10 and that will save you an additional 10% off. Hopefully the extra savings helps.

Here is everything that is available today!

All notebooks available in A5, B5, A6, B6, Travelers, and Square

🧳 Road Tripper – retro car motif design on a soft mint linen cover.

Washi Tape
Metal Bookmark

🚙 Convertible Life – Mid-century person motif on a pale pink linen cover.


🌴 Vintage Motel – “Motel A&O” motif on a happy blue vegan leather cover.


✉️ Lovely Postcard – Postcard motif on a desert adobe beige linen cover.

Metal Bookmark

🖊️ Retro Road Trip Color Collection

Acrylography Paint Pens
Dual-tip Calliograph Brush Pens

🖊️ Sunset Breeze Color Collection

Acrylography Paint Pens
Dual-tip Calliograph Brush Pens

🌅 Summer Postcards in 4 retro designs

Notecards – Full Set
“Just checking in on you”
“Sending you some love”
“You’re Wheely Awesome”
“Hello Gorgeous”

New Stickers

🌸 Retro Floral Sticker Set
🕶️ Retro Roadtrip Stickers

💼 Redesigned Vegan Leather Bags

Vegan Leather Tote
Vegan Leather Pouch
Vegan Leather Journal Bag

🗒️ Everyday Notepads Available in A5, B5, list, and mini .

Shop All Notepads

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Overcoming a Motivation Slump

I am not excluded from the motivation slumps that so many people experience in the community. I get overwhelmed, demotivated, and sometimes it can be really hard to get out of that slump. So, I wanted to share 3 tips that I use to help myself get out of a rut and back into my journal and habits.

3 Tips For OVERCOMING Your Motivation Slump

Here are some tips that help me when I am in a motivation slump

1. Focus on the Basics

When things start to feel overwhelming, I find that taking it back to the Bullet Journal Basics really helps me get out of slump. No matter how much you think you need your trackers, doodle challenges, or other time intensive spreads, maybe it’s just too much for right now. Revisit these later when you feel better about what you are doing and decide if you still really need them or if it’s what is stressing you out

2. Gamify Your Tasks

If you find that it’s your tasks that are demotivating you, consider adding a little excitement to your tasks by gamifying them. Adding a timer, like this TickTime Timer, challenges you to compete a task with a time limit. Then, once you are done, treat yourself to something fun like a coffee run, 30 minutes of gaming, or whatever gets you excited.

3. Share Your Tasks With Someone

This tactic helps me a lot, especially with work tasks. I will tell my boss, or co-workers, about something that I want to get done. They help me out by holding me accountable for that tasks. I find that the little bit of added pressure, and knowing that someone is there to hold me accountable for it, helps me in getting things done. Always use someone that you trust with this tactic. You don’t want to have someone hounding you about it or making you feel bad. Gentle nudges.​

If you want a deeper dive and more details on each of these steps, be sure to check out the video and leave any tactics you use in the comments of the video to share with me and others too!​

Happy Planing!

-Mark, MenWhoBullet

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March Wrap Up and April Set Up in My Work Bullet Journal and Planner

March Wrap Up

Before kicking off a new month, I like to take a look back and make sure that I accomplished all of my priority goals for the month. This Appointed Yearly Task Planner has been a truly amazing tool for me this year. I have really enjoyed having a clear plan ahead calendar and the weeks already here for adding things quickly. It’s something that I want to find balance with in my Bullet Journal

I am also migrating all of my previous weeks undone tasks to this week and setting clear prioritizes for myself.

In my Bullet Journal, I like to also look back and document and capture anything that I have forgotten and want to remember. I also am revisiting my intentions and will wrap up my reflections on the month at the end of this week. I like to give myself a full months view. You never know what could happen in a weeks time 🙂 .

April Set Up

In my Task Planner, I have been working off 2-week sprints. This has been so helpful in how I work. It gives me clear focus on the top level things I want to do over these next 2-weeks into April. I also take these items and prioritize them in my weekly spreads. I find that re-writing helps me commit these to memory.

I also set up my monthly overview inside of my Bullet Journal. I have been really enjoying this traditional layout. It works for how I function without going too deep with a lot of trackers or extras that I am not going to use. This month I used a new ink coming to Ferris Wheel Press called “Glistening Glass”. It’s from their Ferritales collection and is inspired by Cinderella. Blue-gray ink base with red sheen and gold shimmer. It’s a stunning ink and it will be available April 6th.

The last thing I added is a weekly layout in my Bullet Journal. This week I am sticking with a very fountain pen inspired theme. I am using the other new color from Ferris Wheel Press, called “Blue Yosemite Falls”. This will also be available on April 6th. This is just a stunning pure blue ink and is inspired by the California coasts. I paired this ink with new stamps I just got from Desk Gems. New ink and pen stamps from 36 Sublo and a new Fountain Pen stamp from Beverly Inks Companion.

Wishing you a good start to your week and wrapping up March. April and more spring weather are so close, I can’t wait.

Talk soon.

Mark, @Menwhobullet

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My Top 5 Tips to staying consistent in your Bullet Journal and Planner

​​As this year continues to go on, I have found that more people are starting to fall out of their habits, especially when it comes to their Bullet Journals and Planners. So, I wanted to put together my Top 5 Tips on how you can work to continue to succeed in your personal goals and stay consistent.

Tip 1: Build your bullet journal into your daily routine.

I use my journal every day for work. By building it into my daily routine, I ensure that it’s being used. If you don’t use your journal for work related items, try to make time for your journal with a daily 10 minute morning ritual. Reflect on the previous day or set up goals and tasks for the day to come.​

Tip 2: Work in your journal, not for your journal

Your journal is for you and your individual needs. It should always come easy to you and fulfill its purpose. You should not feel guilt or shame for not doing everything in your journal. Make sure it’s a positive feeling when working in it.

Tip 3: Don’t force it, but don’t forget it

It’s a great feeling to work in your bullet journal and planner, but reality is that it will not always be with you at all times. There are going to be times when you are without your planner and need to jot down a note or create a list. Don’t fret, you can always bring those ideas back to your journal when it’s more ideal for you. It doesn’t matter if the idea starts in your phone, it’s more important that it makes it back to your journal eventually.​

Tip 4: Bullet Journal Maintenance

As a flexible system, your Bullet Journal may serve one purpose early in your life and a different one later in your life. As an example, early in my design career I kept all my project notes, sketches, and project to-do lists in my bujo. Several years later, now in a different role, my notebook focuses on higher level tasks and has more of a team focus versus individual. Take the time every 6 months to review your journal and fine tune it for your current needs and focus.​

Tip 5: Have fun in your Bullet Journal

Yes, the Bullet Journal is here to be your guide and companion to live a more intentional life. There isn’t anything wrong with bringing some of yourself into your journal. Have fun in your notebook by using your favorite pens, add photos of moments in time, or create fun collection pages to track your hobbies.

Go deeper with my most recent Youtube Video on this topic

Using these tips can help you enjoy the time you are dedicating to your journal. I have personally gained so much insight into myself through Bullet Journaling. It’s helped me keep on track when I have a million ideas buzzing around my head. The practice of daily gratitude has helped me feel more connected to my daily experiences and the people around me.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bullet Journal Method, I’d invite you to read more about it with the Bullet Journal Method Book. It’s a great resource to have and a great re-read too when you are feeling like you are falling out of things a bit.​

If you want to take things to the next level, Ryder and offer a Bujo: Basics & Beyond course that will take learning about the method to new heights. You get extra insights from Ryder Carroll (the creator of the Bullet Journal Method) as well are exclusive resources you can’t find anywhere else.​I took this course myself as an experienced Bullet Journal users and came out of it with 5+ pages of notes of new information and things to try in my journal.​

Wishing you all the best with your current and future goals in your Bullet Journal and beyond.

Mark, @Menwhobullet

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“Fountain Pens” Hobbyist Hangout Podcast

In this episode of the Hobbyist Hangout, I am talking about the mighty fountain pen. I was very intimidated by fountain pens in the beginning, but over time I have learned how great they really are. That appreciation has turned into more of a hobby now, with a growing collection of pens and inks. In this episode, we will be talking about my first fountain pen, and great starter pens, including dip pens, and even chat about some of my favorite inks.

All Pens, Inks, and Products discussed are on my Amazon Shop

Support the show

Help us make the show. By making a contribution, you will help us to make stories that matter and you enjoy.

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Bullet Journaling is all about freedom

Bullet journaling is all about freedom. You can use it however you want and make it as simple or complex as you want. I love the idea of simplicity in my life and this is a way to achieve that.

It’s a way to plan your life and make sure it’s organized, but there are no rules or guidelines to follow, unless you want them. The Bullet Journal Method is a fantastic core to start from. It’s like the frame of a house. But like that house, you can make it what you want on the inside. You can set your own goals and make your own rules for how you want your bullet journal to look. You might decide that every day should start with a quote from one of the great thinkers in history, or maybe every month should have some sort of theme. Whatever works for you!

Bullet Journaling has become popular over the past few years because it allows people who might otherwise not be able to get organized due to lack of time or interest in doing so, quite literally take control over their lives by making it easy on themselves once they’ve started using this method of keeping track of important information like finances, health, work goals, etcetera.

Bullet journaling is a system of keeping track of your personal and/or work life, and it’s super simple to get started. I always recommend checking out the source, for all of Ryder Carroll, the creators, thoughts and ideas on the method. There is also a book “The Bullet Journal Method” that gives you a deep dive into the system and what it can mean for you.

If you’d like to learn it from me, then I am happy to show you my minimalistic, basic bullet journal intro video

When starting a bullet journal, I recommend including the following:

  • Starting with an index. This is like your table of contents for your entire Bullet Journal.
  • Making sure you have an easy to use Future Log to capture future planning and reminders.
  • A stright forward monthly overview. This is a great place to track your monthly goals and habits.
  • Collection pages that are meaningful to you. It could be for recurring meetings, a place to journal, or ideas for your next big trip. Collection pages are a great use in your bullet journal.

I love the idea of simplicity in my life and this is a way to achieve that.

I love the idea of simplicity in my life and this is a way to achieve that. I want to try to be more productive, creative, mindful and positive. This helps me stay focused on what matters most.

Bullet Journaling is a creative way to get organized, and it’s also a great way to get more done. You can write down your goals, tasks and ideas in an easy-to-follow journal that helps you stay on task. This minimalistic approach has helped me become more productive by helping me stay focused on what matters most: getting things done while enjoying my time working in my journal. I am looking forward to you trying out this new way of organizing your life and getting some extra time in your day. I hope you will try it out as well, and let me know what your experience is like!

For more Bullet Journal inspiration, you can check out my Bullet Journal Ideas Playlist on Youtube, and also follow we on Instagram,


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Using Distress Oxide Ink Blending in my Bullet Journal

I have recently taken a liking to using Distress Oxide inks inside of my Bullet Journal. After seeing a lot of mixed media creators using it for their paper projects, I thought to myself, why can’t I use this in my Bullet Journal??? It’s paper. So I started down the fantastic rabbit hole of learning about how to use these inks and blending brushes to create some very cool looking pages.

My initial fears about trying this ink blending:

  1. It’s going to be messy ❌
  2. The ink is going to bleed through my pages ❌
  3. I am going to stain everything ❌
  4. I’m going to love it so much and do it all the time ✅

I can honestly tell you that all of my fears were put to rest when I tried this out for the first time. And now that i’ve done it, i can’t get enough. Here are all the details about this ink and blending method and how you can use it in your own Bullet Journal.


The Ink

The ink that we are using here is the Tim Holtz Distress Oxide from Ranger Ink. The brand of the ink is really important when doing this method because it is made to do exactly what we are trying to do. It’s a water-based pigment and it’s a dye and ink fusion. This is different from your regular old ink pad because of this fusion. And, because it’s water-based, it’s SUPER easy to clean up. I accidently turned one of my ink pads over on my desk and I was able to clean it right up with a damp paper towel. Because it’s water-based, it can also create some neat interactions with water, which we will talk about later.

These inks comes in a TON of different colors. I have a few of my favorite on my Amazon Shop HERE

Blending Brushes

I love when I am making a video or reel and someone comments, “Um… that looks like the blenders I use for my makeup”. HAHA, that’s because it probably is. I can say that I have no clue what a makeup blending brush is or exactly how you use it, but I can assume that you put makeup on it and blend it on your face. Well, that’s exactly how you use these with the Distress Oxide on paper. These brushes are SUPER soft, which is important so that you get that smooth texture on the paper when blending. There are many different sizes too. If you are just getting started, I’d recommend just getting this pack. It’s 5 of them, all one size, and super easy.

These even come with little stickers that you can place on your brush if you want to designate 1 color per brush. If not, it’s okay, because they are really easy to clean. Rinse with water and air dry – done.


It’s easy to go deep into the stencil rabbit hole. There are SO many options out there. But, if you are looking to take on this hobby to use in your Bullet Journal, then I would suggest finding ones that lean towards Bullet Journals that have shapes, icons, and banners. Now, many of these stencils are more for pen or pencils outlining and tracing, but why not also use them for ink and blending? There are also some really cool texture stencils you can use. My two favorite stencils to use are ones from Sunny Streak and also this big 30 Piece Collection from Amazon.

Washi Tape

I am not the biggest fan, personally, of using Washi tape in my journal. I will every now and again, but not very often. Yet somehow I have accumulated rolls and rolls of the stuff. Well now I have a perfect use for it! When you are using the blending brushes and the stencils, you want to make sure the stencil stay where you put it. What’s great about washi is that it has a light stick, which means you should not have any issue repositioning it and reusing it in your journal to secure your stencil. It’s also great to block out any stencil icons or area you want to make sure you are not getting onto your page.


Let’s Get Started!

Now that you have all your materials, we can get blending! One way to use the stencils and ink is as headers or day/date holders in your weekly spreads. I make sure that my stencil is big, or small, enough for the space I am using it.

Next, I use my washi tape to secure the stencil to my page.

Now, take your blending brush, and you are going to rub it on the top of the ink pad, giving it a little pressure to make sure that the ink is getting on to your brush head.

And now you start blending. I like to use circular motions to ensure that I am getting nice coverage on my page. If I feel like the ink is too light or not covering enough, I will go back and add more ink to my brush. If you are really adventurous, try 2 different color inks and layer and blend them together.

Once you are done, carefully pull up your stencil from your paper. How cool, right!?

If you are using this for more than just one header, you will want to carefully place your stencil down on your next space, and repeat the steps above to apply the ink.

Adding Texture

If you want to add a little texture to your ink, you totally can. The Distress Oxide is actually made to pair with water. There are a lot of ways to use the ink with water, but for me, I like to use it when the ink is on the page. I take a paint brush and flick the water onto the page. You can let the water sit for a few seconds… let’s say 10 seconds, and then use a paper towel to blot the water off the page. And now you have a nice texture over your blended ink.

Dry Time

I was SO surprised to find that this ink doesn’t need a lot of dry time. If you are adding the water for texture, like we just discussed, you may need a little more dry time. Even without the extra water, it is still ink, so you need to give it a moment to dry just like any stamp. It’s hard to believe that this smooth and silky stencils image is not going to bleed on your page or smear after it’s dried. It just looks too good to be true!


Writing on Top of the Ink

Once you have your ink down and it’s dry, you may want to add some text to your header. You should be good with any type of gel pen or brush pen. In my example I used the Zenstations Brush pen from Zebra. It’s becoming my favorite brush pen for a lot of reasons… one being it works great with this method.

Be careful of certain fountain pen inks. Depending on your paper in your journal, it might become extra porous with adding the ink from your stamp and then adding extra ink on top of that. I have had a variety of successes and failures with fountain pen inks, so I have been staying away from them when doing this, just to be safe. But, I am all about exploring and you should too. Just use a scrap piece of paper first to make sure the inks work okay together.

I hope that you found this tutorial to be helpful and fun. I have been really enjoying working with this new medium and experimenting. My next big adventure is going to be making my own stencils. I will be sure to post a video and tutorial on that as well when i’m done.

Talk soon!


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How I Store and Organize My Clear Stamp Collection

I finally found the best way to organize and store my clear stamp collection. This method has helped me stay on top of my collection and easily find the stamps I need when I need them. Here are all the materials that I used to set this up and organize my collection.

Here is the full list and links for everything in my Amazon Shop:
Stamp Organization Supplies:

Some links in this post will lead you to my Amazon Affiliate shop. Any items purchased using these links will allow me to earn a small kick back at no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

The Materials

InterDesign Fridge Binz Deep Split Bin in Clear

The InterDesign Fridge Bin is the perfect size to fit most stamps as they come from the stores. I love this double bin because you can fit even more stamps in the same container. Each side will fit the 5.5″X7.25″ storage folders we are going to talk about next.

Maxtek Clear Stamp and Die Storage Pockets CPP Plastic Pockets, Large 5.5″X7.25″

These have been the best storage folder pockets that I have been able to find. They fit most stamps already in their packaging, and hold them secure. I like that you can fold the top envelope flap down without having to lock it in place with a sticker or closure.

4 Mil Clear Mylar Stencil Sheets, 12″ x 12″ Blank Stencils

If your stamps are too big for the stamp storage pockets, you might have to rehome them. To ensure that they fit in the envelopes and the Bin container, you will need something for the clear stamps to stick to. I have tried a few different products and brands, and I found the 4 mil to be the best. It’s sturdy but still easy to cut and work with. To fit in the envelopes, I needed to cut two 7.25″ x 5.5″ sheets of the mylar. Using the extra pieces, I cut it down to 4 .75″ x 6″ to fit smaller collections that don’t need all the larger space.

To note that for my current collection, I needed to order 2 packs of these sheets to cut.

12″ Paper Cutter, Paper Trimmer 

Having a paper trimmer to cut the mylar sheets is a life saver. When I started, I thought I could do it with an x-acto blade… and I was so wrong. This little baby helped me out and was the perfect size to cut down the 12″x12″ sheets.

DYMO Letratag LT100H Label Maker

I’ve had this label maker for years now and I have loved it the whole time. I used this to label my stamp containers, notebooks boxes, and stationery around the studio. You can really use it for everything. I love the features, muti-line features and built in icons and symbols. It also allows you to print different sized fonts to create a visual hierarchy with your labels. I am using the smallest font for my stamp envelope labels, and the medium sized font for the dividers.

IKONGR Replacement for Dymo LetraTag Refills Plastic Tape

When it comes to tape for your label maker, you can find a ton of them out there. But I have found that some of better made than others. When i was looking for replacement refills for the Dymo, these have been working out great! They stick to everything with no issues, and are easy to use. I loved this collection because there were different colors. This is what helped me color code things by creators, themes, and alphabet.

Chipboard Sheets 8.5″ x 11″

If you’d like to break down and organize your stamps into groups and themes, then I would recommend chip board for dividers. You could also use thick card stock or cardboard. I like the chip because it’s strong without being too thick. The labels also sticks to these really well too!

Organizing The Stamps

Having all of these items will be incredibly helpful in getting you to a stop where you feel good about your stamp collection. But they can only take you so far. Understanding how you are going to organize all these stamps is an exercise all in its own. My first step was to organize all my stamps. Each stamp got a new envelope and label. Then I started to organize my stamps into groups.

Creators (Yellow)

These are collections where I have 2 or more of an artist or brand. Some of my favorites in this section are collections from Eric Small Things, Ink Blot Shop, and Archer & Olive.

Alphabetical (Green)

My next step was to organize the labeled stamps alphabetically. I started by breaking the alphabet down into groups. A–E, F–L, M–S, T–Z

Once I did this, I found that I had a lot of similar types of stamps. Months, Dates, Headers, Titles, etc. So I decided to break those down again in to a smaller groups.

Themes (Blue)

My themes are broken down into groupings of stamps that I had a lot a like of. Right now I only have themes for Headers, Weekdays, and Months – and then one for Botanicals.

It’s time to get to it.

Now that you have all the things you need to get started, you can take your time in getting your stamps in a good place. This process took me a few days to get complete. A lot of it was trial and error, so hopefully my mistakes are your successes.

Let me know in the comments below if this is something that might work for you, or if you have another way you have found to organize your stamp collection. I’d love to hear your ideas.

-Mark @Menwhobullet

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My 2023 Bullet Journal Set Up

It’s time to set up my 2023 Planner Bullet Journal Set Up. This year I’ll be using a mix of my Edition 2 Bullet Journal Notebooks and my new Appointed Yearly Task Planner. In this video, I’ll be setting up my Bullet Journal with some key pages.

🟡 Bullet Journal Supplies

Bullet Journal Edition 2 Notebook:

Bujo Basics & Beyond Course:

Appointed Yearly Task Planner:

A5 Edition 2 Freebie Download:

Sarasa Clip Pen:
Sharpie Roller Ball Pen:
uniball White Gel Pen:
Zebra Mildliners:
Metal Stencils:
Clear Rulers:
PLUS Petit Deco Rush Tape:
Tombow Double-Sided Tape:
Tombow Sand Eraser:
Washi Tape Shop:
Ink Blot Shop Stamps:
Watch_Them Frame Series Instagram Stamp:
365 Clear Stamps – SCHOOL:
Versafine Black Ink:
Versafine Twilight Ink:
Acrylic Block: